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I was raised in a hungry household. I was born in Colombia, the youngest and only daughter to a Neurosurgeon turned hot-shot politician and his French award-winning Neurologist wife. While my father lead the Senate, my mother was in the lab discovering Alzheimer inducing proteins in the brain. Hunger was as genetic as it was mandatory in my family, and should I need more role models to support my fire, the Holy Trinity of Shakira, Juanes, and Sofia Vergara could always receive my prayers. Colombians could and Colombians did, and our hunger was immensely celebrated. And then, my family moved to the US.

A plane ride later and we were Latinos. Minorities? I thought we were Colombian. Forget your Empire and fit this mold, which will remain muddy and undefined.

But remember to be grateful.

Fast forward thirteen years, and I was the first Latina to graduate from my directing program at Carnegie Mellon University. This meant both prestige and isolation – I cold- emailed every Latinx whose success story I could find. To my surprise, they welcomed me with open arms. Turns out, we’re aware of our need for legacy, for tools to be passed on.

Now at twenty-five, I’ve rejected the grateful Latino narrative and let my hunger drive me to Broadway, to CAA, into Academy-Award winning rooms, to addiction, blurred lines, and even recovery. I still hunger for the same representation that was so available to me as a child, the success my DNA has me predisposed to. In these rooms, I’ve learned to take up space often as the only woman, and the only Hispanic person. But I’m still looking for guidance. With QUIERO, I want to build that space that I so sincerely craved. With this blog I want to bring visibility to Latinx hunger, and change the societal narrative, all while chasing radical honesty; Make a solid place for #LatinXcellence, one post at a time.

Brooklyn, NY.

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